Being a ship owner, ship management company or ship builder, you will often face the challenge to have a new ship concept developed, either for a potential customer, or for yourself.  Especially in the first stages of ship concept development in-dependency of design bureaus, engineering companies, hull builders and subcontractors is a crucial condition for an optimal ship design. This is where Maritime Projects comes in as your ship concept developer and representative.

Maritime Projects will translate your demands into an optimal ship concept for your new vessel, based on comprehensive knowledge of the Dutch maritime industry. Maritime Projects can take care of the various building phases, like the initial design, engineering, project definition, tendering, build monitoring and surveying. As your representative we will make sure that the ship concept is realized the way you anticipated.

Maritime Projects is able to develop concepts for (super)yachts as well as for short sea vessels and work vessels with many types of special cargo, such as:

  • LNG
  • Juice
  • Cement
  • Fish feed
  • Offshore equipment
  • (Parts of) windmills
  • etc.