Maritime projects is your ideal partner to supervise the engineering and production processes. We will be ‘smarter and stronger’ in order to deliver a better product. Through the experience we gained at the yards we are a very good sparring partner for:

  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Technical challenges
  • Acceptance inspections
  • FAT and (sea) trials
  • Selecting co-makers and suppliers
  • Etc.

We will be your eyes on the yard, reporting on fixed intervals with short but comprehensive reports. The time that we will ask from the owner is reduced to a minimum. To be able to do this one needs the knowledge and experience of the processes that are followed during the development of a new vessel or conversion. By asking the right questions, in the right order at the right time, we will make sure that the owner’s time is used as efficient as possible.

Our ultimate goal for a project is to make sure that the end-result complies with what the owner had envisioned. This goes far beyond the goal to just make sure that the contract was executed properly. We will work as long as it needs to translate the whishes, ideas and requirements into the factual product that the owner takes delivery of.