Following the initial design, Maritime Projects will – based on knowledge and experience – select an engineering company that will be able to translate the initial design into a complete engineering package for your vessel. After your approval of the selected company and contract negotiations, Maritime Projects will ensure that your requirements are translated into the engineering package. All will be arranged by Maritime Projects without any hassle for you.

The benefits of working with Maritime Projects are our knowledge and experience of the process as well as the products. This ensures the most cost- and time effective process. We are fully aware of the class requirements that the engineering package needs to be in accordance with. Since we know what the engineering sequences are, we know in what order information needs to be supplied and when decisions need to be taken.

The first ‘products’ Maritime Projects will deliver are: a fully detailed general arrangement, mid ship section and 3D artist impressions. After your approval of this information package, Maritime Projects will start with the full technical specifications. Producing these specifications will need close cooperation between you and Maritime Projects. While more and more of the specifications are produced, all will be translated into the engineering package.

Finally, this will result in a Full Class Approval Engineering Package, including all specifications. On average, the lead-time of this phase will be 2 to 6 months and it will result in approximately 30 to 50 drawings and calculations.

The package could consist of:

  • Build specification
  • Budget estimation
  • Milestone schedule
  • General arrangement
  • Lines plan
  • Construction drawings, midship section and shell expansion
  • System diagrams
  • Equipment-list of large components
  • Fire- and safety arrangements
  • Arrangements of compartments
  • Drawings for equipment number, visibility, dimension plan
  • Preliminary intact and damage stability booklet, longitudinal strength calculations