The initial ship design is – as the words state – all about initiating a new project. This process starts with the first request from the market, followed by the engineering and project definition process. During the process of initial ship design we perform the following activities:

  • Market research, resulting in a market research report
  • Drafting the concept, resulting in
    • 12-15 pages short specification
    • initial general arrangement
    • initial 3D computer ship design
  • First project definition, resulting in
    • 15-20 lines milestone schedule
    • Outline of the building costs

Within these activities that lead to the initial ship design, the independence of Maritime Projects is unique and conditionally to an optimal concept. In close cooperation and coordination with you, Maritime Projects enhances your ideas, vision and program requirements. Hence, it will lead to a firm basis for the next steps.

Market research

Your new plan may be born from an actual demand, your own idea, assumption or even ‘dream’ of a new type of ship. It requires in many cases further research to determine whether the initial ship design concept is realizable and viable. Not only the market demand is important, but also the freedoms and limits that exist regarding the regulations. Think of length, power, volume, number of passengers, safety, etc. In addition a vision on ‘green technology’ can be of importance, like on LNG, hybrid technology, emission control, etc.

Maritime Projects can research the ship design concept for you, in terms of product- and market research. A lot of knowledge, information and experience on the different markets and technical developments is present within the network of Maritime Projects. Also, Maritime Projects provides you with the knowledge of existing reports to prevent you from re-inventing the wheel.

Perhaps you have already carried out your initial market- and product research and you want a second opinion or assessment. Here too, Maritime Projects can be of service by validating the results.

Maritime Projects uses the knowledge present to provide viable estimations of fuel consumption, cargo intake, stability, loading and unloading time. Our network of designers, universities, research institutes etc. is very useful to translate rough estimates into educated guesses based on broad experiences. These figures are essential input for your feasibility study.

The final report that Maritime Projects produces for you, supports your go/no go decision and will also be part of the input specifications for the next phase: engineering.

Drafting the concept

To be able to physically sketch a new vessel we first need to define the outline of a new concept in a short specification. Maritime projects will assist you in translating your visions and dreams into a short document where all requirements for the new concept are outlined.

Our independence is very important in this stage, you do not want to be forced into the direction of an existing design that “might fit to your requirements”. You want to work with a partner that knows what can and cannot be done by all various builders and suppliers in the market.

We have the ability to work out the ship design in 3D very fast and using very limited resources. This means that you are able to initiate changes which are processed fast, leading to a vessel that is both practical and good looking.

Initial project definition

Also in the very first stage of the initial ship design, it has proven to be very important to draft a first Milestone schedule and outline of the building costs. It enables you to base your go/no-go decisions on and to direct the project into the right way.

As your independent partner, Maritime Projects will be able to furnish you with a milestone schedule and an outline of the building costs. We will use our knowledge and experience to produce the documents that reflect the reality to the extent that is sufficient to base your decisions on. In the past, we have made hundreds of budgets and schedules, meaning that the documents we produce for you are made accurately and fast.