Erik has been employed by De Vries Makkum as manager of the refit team. This team managed the entire refit of MY Sultana. This project came to the yard in Makkum in a half-finished condition, together with the masters and students of the in-house craftsman school we have turned this Yacht into a full worthy member of the Feadship heritage fleet.

Erik has been employed by De Vries Makkum as manager of the refit team. This team managed the entire refit of MY Serena. This special project was executed with great care by a unique team of professional master shipbuilders and their students. Serena was originally built in 1964 as one of a series specially designed by mr. Carlo Riva! The vessel was entirely rebuilt, with nothing to remain untouched. Since the refit the yacht is more extensively used then lots of mega yachts will be in their entire life…

MS Shakespeare & MS Charles Dickens. On behalf of Bijlsma we have managed the yard during the new build of these vessels. The 110 x 11 meter river cruisers are 4,5 star for luxury. The vessels were built in a record time of respectively 9 and 8 months and that is including the production of their steel hulls. They operate for Select Voyages on the European rivers.

During the employment by De Vries Makkum Erik has coordinated the outfitting works for MY Ocean Victory during her last two weeks of completion.

MY Musahi and sistership Fountainhead had several innovation projects like the Bow- and stern thruster RIM-Drives by Voith propulsion systems, LED lighting systems and very innovative double curved windows. Besides managing these innovations Erik coordinated the production outfitting of MY Musashi during his employment by De Vries Makkum.

The second Damen Offshore Carrier, Maersk Connector is delivered to Maersk Supply service. She will sail in a long term charter for DeepOcean. The concept of this highly versatile modular platform was developed by the Damen Engineering team led by Erik van Prooijen. The 138 meter long and 27,5 meter wide vessel is capable of carrying a 7000 ton cable reel. The development of the platform was a true challenge for the entire engineering team. Stability, regulations, DP requirements, etc. it all had to be taken into account during the development of this new concept.

Together with the Feadship Sales team, Erik (as manager New Projects for De Vries Makkum) has developed the specification and budget of Motoryacht Madame Gu and managed the pre-design process together with Feadship’s De Voogt Naval Architects. The yacht is one of the most innovative yachts in the world. Important developments are: the outside RGB lighting systems, the 4-engine-in-2-shafts propulsion giving the 99 meter yachts a comfortable speed of well over 20 knots, the helicopter platform lift, etc.

Motoryacht Tommy. We have done the entire project management for the new build of this yacht. This aluminium yacht is a one of a kind for its size. It is a mega-yacht in every aspect but its size. With twin MAN powered waterjets, she reaches speeds over 35 knots. The noise levels on board are exceptionally low, even at these high speeds. The interior is made to the highest standards in the megayacht industry, it was a challenge to get these techniques to work in a yacht of 18 meters long with lightweight materials.
MV Artic junior. On behalf of Bijlsma we have arranged the contract, development, engineering and purchasing for this project. The project was sold to the Artic Group, a company that is specialized in providing fish food to the Salmon farms in the Norwegian fjords. The vessel has a highly sophisticated loading and discharging system for fish feed. Very special about this project is that it is in fact the conversion of an existing new hull for a freighter into this concept. The hull was shortened to be able to reach the ports, the decks were raised and closed.
MV Cembrook. On behalf of Bijlsma we have arranged the contract, development, engineering and subcontracting for this project. The vessel was sold to Brise Hamburg, a company that is specialized in the transport of cement. This project is actually a conversion of an existing new hull into a sophisticated cement carrier. The loading and discharging system is based on a pneumatic slide system and is fully integrated in the design of the vessel. The vessel was lengthened, the decks were raised, 3 large generators were installed, the loading and discharging was installed, etc.

Erik has been employed by De Vries Makkum as manager of the refit team. This team managed the entire refit of MY Odyssey, which was lengthened over all decks, had a full interior refit, a new fairing- & paintjob and a technical update. This 9 months extensive refit took place in The Netherlands with the talented team of Feadship’s De Vries Scheepsbouw Makkum.


For Marieholm we developed their 49 model and managed the production for a period of one year.

Container vessel Rean-L, On behalf of the owners and in collaboration with Blue World, we were involved in the design of this energy efficient vessel. Supervising the built in Beograde, Serbia and outfitting in Hasselt, Netherlands was part our work. Important developments are: energy efficient propulsion train, low hull resistance (for example built in anchors) and sophisticated design.
Motoryacht Revolution. For this design we have managed the entire development which has been performed in close cooperation with the design team from Vripack. This innovative yacht comprises some high-tech developments that have never been seen on yachts of similar size. Some examples are: a full hybrid propulsion with specially developed propulsion pods, a mooring system without mooring lines, highly sophisticated LED lighting systems, etc.
4 x Freezer vessel. This series of 4 freezer vessels are designed for the transportation of cargo’s like tuna, etc. Very special characteristics were the modernized ship-to-ship transfer system with the union-purchase principle, the full frozen cargo spaces which can be maintained at different temperatures. For this project, Maritime Projects was contracted to perform the overall project management of the engineering. Together with the team from Groot Ship Design we have delivered the full basic engineering package to the Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Inustry CO.,LTD  (GSHI) yard in Zongshan (China). We have been traveling to GSHI several times to explain what we have designed and how this should be incorporated in their detailed engineering model.
The GTT115 from Dynamiq yachts built in Italy. This yacht is a one of a kind design in terms of looks and naval architecture. With the Fast Displacment Hull Form from Van Oossaanen Naval Architects, this vessel has a very low fuel-consumption and high comfort levels. Due to the futuristic design with lots of forms and shapes, it was not very easy for the hull builders. However, the result was stunning and the project was finished in only 6 months building time. On behalf of G&G we have negotiated the contract for the hull construction and managed the commercial parts of project management during the project.
MV Juice express. On March 13th MV Juice express has been delivered by GSHI yard to Seatrade in The Netherlands.  This freighter is a unique design to transport different kinds of juices in stainless steel tanks. Both orange- and pineapple juice can be transported in frozen and cooled conditions. The vessel has the patented Groot Crossbow, delivering very good fuel economics. GSD, being the designer of this vessel, has contracted Maritime Projects to perform the overall project management of the engineering; this contained the delivery of the full basic engineering package to the GSHI yard in Zongzhan (China). We have been traveling to GSHI several times to explain what we have designed and how this should be incorporated in their detailed engineering model.
MV Tango a stunning 78 meter motoryacht built by Feadship – Van Lent in De Kaag, The Netehrlands. This mega yacht is one example of the numerous Van Lent projects that G&G participates in with their Aluminium Construction craftsman. Maritime Projects is supporting G&G Yachtbuilding with all commercial activities.
Aston Martin AM37. Quintessence Yachts is the official builder of the Aston Martin Powerboats. Maritime Projects have been asked to improve on the product development of the vessel. For the recently launched AM 37 we are monitoring their production schedule and product quality, we are looking into the production processes they follow and we advise on how to adopt these to more serial-production oriented ones. The AM37 itself is one of the most stunning yachts on the market today, it is 37 feet of absolute pleasure on the water and with this project the customers are more than certain of an arrival in Style, Bond-Style.