Maritime Projects has qualified and certified in house surveyors to perform your inspection. Equipped with the latest tools, the surveyor will perform the inspection and will write you a clear report of his findings. Equipped with the right tools, knowledge and experience, your fully independent surveyor can be contracted for a variety of inspections:

  • Technical condition of the vessel
  • Progress inspections for newbuilding and conversion projects
  • Yard inspections for the (pre-)selection of your yard in tendering processes
  • Delivery inspections to see whether the vessel complies with the specification and contract

The surveys that we execute can include all different aspects you would expect from your inspector: survey of the integrity of the construction, functionality of systems, deterioration of materials, condition of the electrical installation, condition of the paintwork, etc. The benefits you gain from working with Maritime Projects as your surveyor is that we:

  • have detailed knowledge and experience with the most common systems
  • have a large network with specialist knowledge of special systems
  • have a large variety of instruments in house
  • are fully independent

The fact that we are fully independent ensures that we work solely on your behalf. This means that the resulting report will always paint and accurate, complete and honest picture of the condition of the inspected object. This provides you with all details and facts to make the right decisions.