Based on the detailed build specification and an additional set of requirements, Maritime Projects will draw up the tendering documentation for you. This documentation will be used to start the tendering process, leading to quotations from several parties. Here too, the better the documentation is prepared, the more transparent and comparable the quotations will be and the easier the final yard selection will be. Maritime Projects has been on “both sides of the counter”, hence we know what the tendering package should contain to enable the yards to make a sound and binding quotation.


Based on the product we have defined, the budgets and schedules that we have made and your own geographical location we will prepare a list of yards that is capable of building your vessel. This list will be presented to you for approval. We advise to ask around 6-10 yards to participate in the tendering process and hence to provide us with their quotations. It is our job to send out the Requests for quotation to the selected yards. We will be your representative during this important process. When all quotations have been received, Maritime Projects will compare the resulting bids plus additional documentation and present the result to you in a short report.

Together with you we will select the 4-5 most potential shipyards and we will grant them with a visit. We will report the yards conditions on quality levels, HSE requirements and financial status. We will instruct them about the final round of the tendering process.

A final yard selection can be made on this basis and the final negotiations may be conducted, all this of course in close collaboration with our clients. Finally, this leads to the start of the building phase and – if you wish – build monitoring by Maritime Projects.